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Legal battles are challenging to resolve, especially if these involve your family. Whether the case involves divorce or something dire like domestic violence, the impact of the case can be severe in every aspect of life that one may not be able to recover from easily. Some of these cases even involve more than one problem, and there may be a need to modify the court order to accommodate the changing needs of either party, especially the children.

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For these legal troubles, it is best that you partner with an experienced Delray Beach family law attorney who can explain the legal process for you and help you build your case. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is a family law firm you can work with for your family’s legal troubles, no matter what.

We will be with you throughout the case and even afterward because we don’t want you to face these troubles alone and be unable to fight for your rights. You can also trust us to help you plan and make the right decisions so that once the case is over, you can move on easily or know which legal action to take when another issue occurs.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is known to many clients as a Delray Beach, FL family law firm that offers affordable yet comprehensive legal services to anyone facing family legal troubles. When you reach out to us, you will be assigned to our compassionate and experienced family attorneys, who will check your case and provide the proper legal support needed to resolve it favorably to the best of our ability.

Here is a list of family legal issues we can help you with:


Delray Beach Family Lawyer tampa divorce attorneyDivorce is a multi-layered case that will require parties to seek the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer to understand and resolve peacefully.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, you will be partnered with one of our Delray Beach family law attorneys. Make sure you can follow as we serve as your representative in court. We can also provide you with legal advice and resources so that you can make the right decisions, especially after the divorce.

Property and Asset Division

Since the couple will be parting ways, their properties and assets must also be divided accordingly, as this will be the foundation of their new life after the divorce. However, discussions on property and asset division can be challenging as some argue against giving the other party specific properties and assets.

To prevent this from happening, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law has a great team of asset and property division lawyers who can assess the properties and assets that will be included in the divorce and which ones you should try to secure. We will also do our best to protect the properties that should not be included in the proceedings, especially those you owned before you married.

Child Custody

Delray Beach Family Lawyer mom and girl 300x200One of the most contested parts of any divorce is child custody because this entails who will be given physical custody of the children.

Our family lawyers can help you fight for custody rights and ensure the other parent can access the children when they can visit.

We can explain Florida’s statute on child custody or parenting plans to ensure that the arrangement will suit your child’s needs and that both parties will recognize it.

Child Support

Delray Beach Family Lawyer father son HBKFP7NCLL 300x200While child custody arrangements or parenting plans are being arranged, child support will also be discussed. Even if parents undergo divorce, they are expected to continue providing for their child’s needs. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you negotiate with your ex-spouse for a suitable child support arrangement and make sure it is followed by all parties.

If the amount needs to be changed because of your child’s changing needs, we can file a modification request on your behalf.

Spousal Support

In certain divorce cases, one party may be required to provide spousal support if the other is unable to sustain themselves post-divorce. The court considers several factors to determine the necessity and duration of this support.

If you’re considering requesting spousal support, our legal team can evaluate your circumstances and compile the necessary evidence for the court’s review. Conversely, if you’re in the position of potentially paying spousal support, you can trust our legal team to strongly advocate on your behalf.

Father’s Rights

Delray Beach Family Lawyer father and child 300x200Whether you are unmarried to your child’s mother or have divorced them recently, you have the right as your child’s father to be involved in their life. Even though these rights are not automatically given to unmarried fathers, the law has provisions to help you.

Our family lawyers can help you establish paternity and fight for parental rights. If your child’s paternity is in question or you want to renounce claims, we can also help you file the necessary documents for the court.

Domestic Violence

Delray Beach Family Lawyer domestic b5267e10d4 b 300x200We can also handle domestic violence cases at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law regardless of how severe the case is and who is involved in the case in your household. We can immediately mobilize to get you and your loved ones in a safe location and file the case immediately against your abusers. You can also trust us to file for protective orders so that your abusers will not approach you as the case is being heard.

Your assigned Delray Beach family law attorney will also help you arrange child custody, child and spousal support, and divorce during your domestic violence case. Our team will also step in to be your legal representative in court so you don’t have to meet your abusers in court and be pressured into withdrawing from your case.

Free Consultations Today

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When you face family legal issues, don’t face it alone. There are family law firms out there who can help you resolve them without any additional setbacks.

Our Delray Beach, FL family law firm is ready to assist you at any time and give you the proper legal assistance for your family’s challenges. From start to finish, we will be your legal partner, defending your side in court and helping you plan as your case progresses.

Check out our legal services today by ringing up our hotline. One of our family lawyers will be on the call to answer your questions and build your case.

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