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Parents are expected to provide their children all the essentials they need in life, not just emotional support. Parents must be able to provide food, clothes, education, and medical support at any time, as any delays can affect the child’s development.

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However, every family is different, with one parent likely handling most of the financial responsibilities in the household. When the couple divorce, it will significantly detract from the support the child can receive as the parent with the most income may not agree to a child support arrangement they have to pay. Fortunately, the court and all the relevant agencies that oversee this problem in Lantana, FL, are well aware of this problem and have the law as a backup to ensure your child has everything they need, even after a divorce.

Whether you are the parent assigned to pay child support or receive it for your child, you can trust Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to assist you. You will be given to one of our experienced Lantana child support attorneys, who will guide you through the legal processes and ensure child support is given to your child on time and in full. We can also contest the order if you feel disadvantaged when assigned to pay child support.

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Child Support Calculation

Although both parents are expected to provide equal support to their children in all aspects, this is not a given when it comes to a divorce. When a divorce occurs, one parent – usually the one who earns more than the other parent – is assigned to pay child support while the other – the one who has physical custody of the children – receives it for the children.

Lantana Child Support Attorney child support 2 300x174Child support will then be seen as a part of the supporting parent’s responsibility to their children. But, there are cases when the other parent – the one who has custody – is the one expected also to provide child support.

When computing child support and determining which parent must provide it, the court or the Department of Revenue will use various factors such as financial capability, custody arrangements, and schedule.

Our Lantana child support attorneys at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you determine these factors and see the possibility of you being assigned to provide child support. You can also trust us to check the computation used to know if it will be enough for your child’s needs before you agree to the amount.

Child Support Enforcement

Once the court or the Department of Revenue issues a child support order, it will be active until the children in the order finish high school or turn 18, whichever ends later. However, the court can order an extension if the child or children have medical or disability needs. If you are the parent tasked with paying child support, you must pay the support until the order expires or a court order is issued to terminate the child support arrangement.

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Should there be problems in getting child support payments, such as late payments, not being paid in full, or not being paid at all, legal penalties can be taken against the providing parent. They can face penalties for liens, wage garnishments, and even a jail sentence. The parent receiving the child support can request one of these penalties when they give evidence to the court of the other parent’s failure to fulfill their legal responsibility.

If there are any delays to your child’s support, don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will report the case immediately to the appropriate agency. We will monitor the enforcement of the order, and the penalties are applied so that you know that the other parent is reminded of their responsibilities to your children.

Child Support Modification

When the court orders a child support arrangement, it is a given that it will change as the child’s needs shift as they grow. It may also vary because the parent providing child support may meet difficulties that can affect their financial capability to pay for child support.

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If these situations occur, the Florida Statutes has explicit provisions for parents to follow to get the child support order modified. Either parent may request a modification through the Department of Revenue’s Child Support Program, as they will be the ones who will assess the request and approve it. Alternatively, the parents may contact the circuit court handling the original child support agreement.

Either agency will look into the evidence provided to see if a modification can be approved through a legal proceeding. If there is a reason to approve it, the modifications can vary depending on who initially issued the child support order. Regardless, the amount will be adjusted based on the needs of the child and the capacity of the parent assigned to provide support.

Our Lantana child support attorneys have handled many cases over the years, which allowed us to understand how the Florida Department of Revenue and the Child Support Services will proceed during a modification request. We can then plan accordingly to build a case to increase our chances of getting your request approved. We will also help you prepare the proper documents to support the request and negotiate with the other parent to approve the modification.

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If you want your children to succeed, you must ensure they have all the support they need to pursue their goals and dreams. Even if you divorce your child’s other parent, it doesn’t mean you should stop providing for your child’s needs. It is imperative to tell your children that you are still behind them even if your situation has changed.

With our Lantana, FL, law firm as your legal team, you can get the right legal advice and support to help you negotiate your child’s ideal child support arrangement. We will also be ready to help you seek court action if child support is delayed or there is a need to modify its amount. You can count on us to work immediately and secure the funds your child needs as quickly as possible.

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