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Some divorce cases can endure for months or years, primarily due to disputes over child custody. Both parties may assert their capability to provide a nurturing environment for their children, even without cohabitation. However, prolonged disagreements can significantly impact the children’s lives.

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In Florida, the law prioritizes the protection and support of children, even amidst parental divorce. This includes establishing a parenting plan or child custody arrangement that delineates each parent’s role in the child’s life. This plan typically designates one parent with physical custody while granting visitation rights to the other, also outlining decision-making responsibilities to address the child’s needs.

Given the crucial role of a parenting plan in divorce cases, partnering with a Lantana child custody lawyer becomes essential. At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we offer personalized legal services to navigate the complexities of child custody laws, advocating for your parental rights. Additionally, we provide ongoing legal counsel to address any issues that may arise during the implementation of the parenting plan or custody arrangements.

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Definition of Child Custody in Florida

The clause regarding child custody is written in the Florida Statutes as part of the parenting plan’s time-sharing and parental responsibility clause. The court orders a parenting plan for divorcing couples who have minor children that will be affected by the divorce.

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Time-sharing is the schedule each parent will be given to spend time with their children. Meanwhile, parental responsibility is the decision-making capacity given to either parent for their child’s needs. The court will utilize various factors to determine if both parents must be given “custody” of their children or if they should be given equal decision-making rights for their child’s future.

We have experienced and compassionate Lantana child custody lawyers ready to work with you and your ex-spouse to build the best parenting arrangement for you and your children. They will also help you understand how the court can get involved with your parenting plan discussions and how they will decide if the plan should be approved or enforced.

Determining Florida Child Custody

Under Florida law, parents can discuss any time-sharing agreements and parenting plans for their children without the court getting involved during the discussions. The court will only take part in the talks to approve the plan if they see that both parents will abide by the plan and it is made with their children’s best interests in mind.Lantana Child Custody Attorney child 1835730 1920

However, the court can assist the parents in creating the parenting plan if both parties cannot agree on the details. The court will consider several factors when designing the parenting plan, but they will ensure that the child’s best interests and needs are considered. The children in the custody case may also be asked for their opinion.

Although our Lantana child custody lawyers cannot guarantee that they will be able to get the outcome you truly want, we will do our best to fight for the best arrangement possible. We can also explain how child custody is decided through the parenting plan and how we can negotiate certain parts in your favor.

Custody Modification and Enforcement

When a parenting plan is approved, parents can still seek its modification regardless of who has custody of the children. Some of the conditions that may warrant a modification include the parents’ relocation for work or residency, the child’s changing needs, the custodial parent’s changed circumstances, and occurrences of domestic violence or abuse.

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Should one of these conditions occur, a request for custody modification can be made by one party for the court to start its review. The court will review all the evidence to determine if there is due cause to approve the request.

Ideally, each party must have their child custody lawyer to help them with their petition and present the appropriate evidence to support their position. You can trust our Lantana, FL family law firm to partner you with one of our experienced family lawyers to help you prepare your petition and negotiate a workable custody arrangement that works best for your new situation.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is also ready to help you enforce the parenting plan if one party does not recognize or follow it. We will examine the situation and file the necessary evidence to get the court to enforce the agreement.

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Even if both parents are open to being in the custody of their children, it may be possible that their situation may not be perfect for their child to live in peace and grow normally.

If you believe that you can provide your children with a safe and thriving environment after your divorce, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can provide you with legal support to fight for child custody. Our legal team will look into your case carefully to build your case and fight on your behalf to get the ideal custody arrangement that will protect your child’s rights and your parental relationship with them regardless of who gets custody. We will also provide legal advice throughout the case so you can plan.

Find out more about our legal services today by ringing our hotline and availing our free consultation service. We’ll get you started and ensure that your children are in the custody of the right parent at the end of the divorce.

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