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Divorce is considered by many to be one of the most challenging legal battles that a married couple can encounter. Not only is the legal proceeding taxing for all those involved, it has serious consequences that can change the lives of all parties. However, when the relationship between the couple is no longer healthy, and it is causing harm to those in the household, divorce is the best choice for ending things on a positive note.

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Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law’s Boca Raton divorce lawyers are here to reduce your worries and be your representative during this difficult time. We will work with you to create a legal strategy that will allow you to fight for an ideal arrangement that will enable you and your children, if any, to have the right resources and support after the divorce. The strategy will also assist in making sure that your relationship with your children is protected.

With us as your partner, you know you are working with a team that wants the best for your future and reduces any troubles you may face as you rebuild your life.

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Dedicated Divorce Support

Not all divorce cases are the same, so having an experienced divorce lawyer is essential before anyone wants to file for divorce. Divorce lawyers will be the ones who will guide you through the proceedings and help you get the best arrangements for alimony, child or spousal support, and child custody.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law provides a comprehensive legal service to allow couples to understand the divorce proceedings and help them resolve any issues that will be discussed. Our team can then help sort out all the documentation needed for critical subjects in the divorce and build the correct legal strategy, especially for child custody, support, and asset and property division.

Child Custody and Child Support

Divorce not only changes the lives of both parties, it will also change the lives of the children.

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It will disrupt their home life and their relationship with their parents. However, if the divorce is handled thoughtfully, parents can still provide an everyday life for their children even if one parent is living away from them.

Our Boca Raton divorce lawyers can assist both parties in creating the ideal child custody and child support arrangements to meet both parents and the child’s needs. It must also be able to retain and strengthen the parents’ relationship with the children, whoever is given physical custody.

We can also help you secure a modification or an enforcement order in case there is a need.

Alimony & Spousal Support

For some couples, they are reluctant to undergo the legal process of divorce because it will affect their financial stability. There are many reasons their financial stability can be at risk after a divorce, from having a low-paying job to being the ones who sacrificed their time to handle the household and didn’t work.

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Depending on the situation of either party, the court may order alimony or spousal support to be paid to the party that will be at a financial disadvantage after the divorce.

However, even if there is reason to approve alimony or spousal support requests from one party, the court will check if the receiving party can become self-sufficient after a set period once they start receiving support. They will also see if the other party, who needs support, can handle paying it during the set time and how much they can pay based on their current income.

During this part of the divorce proceedings, our Boca Raton divorce lawyers can assist you in seeking alimony or spousal support. We will ensure that the amount given is enough to help you transition. If you are assigned to pay spousal support or alimony, we can help you argue against the amount or the court’s approval.

Asset and Property Division

Asset and property division can be a point of contention during divorce cases, causing prolonged negotiations and additional arguments. One party may want a specific property awarded to the other party by the court. There may even be instances in which separate properties are being considered because the total amount of support that must be given to the other party is not enough because of the overall value of the couple’s marital assets. Sometimes, the court may even order the pair to sell their assets before they can be divided evenly between both parties.

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Our Boca Raton, FL, law firm will look at the assets and properties that may be included in the proceedings before determining how to proceed. We can assess their value, which ones you should fight for, and, if there are any, find any hidden assets or properties that must be included in the divorce proceedings.

Our team will also help you protect your separate assets and properties, securing the documents for the court to consider should these properties be on focus to cover any deficiencies.

Business Owner, High Value, Or High Profile Divorce

You can also count on our Boca Raton divorce lawyers to help you with business, high-value, and high-profile divorces, which can be trickier to deal with, given the assets and reputation that will be involved in the case.

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Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will keep the details of your divorce confidential, and when we collect evidence or documents for the proceedings, we will work discreetly. We will also do our best to fight for the arrangements you want for your children and the properties or assets included in the divorce proceedings.

If there are any issues during the proceedings, we are ready to provide you with legal advice so you can decide how we can proceed.

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Deciding to get a divorce is never easy for couples who find themselves no longer happy with their married life. However, when the decision goes to a divorce, it doesn’t need to result in a distressing separation fraught with challenges for all parties involved.

Let our Boca Raton divorce lawyers help you with your divorce and ensure all parties can reestablish themselves once the divorce pushes through. We will provide you with all the legal advice and support you need and make sure you can make the right decisions throughout the proceedings to help you shape your future after the divorce. So, don’t hesitate to contact our team to check your case today!

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law at (561) 783-3465 for your Free Consultation with a Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer.